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Jill Van Nostran specializes in B2B, wireless and mobile tech PR and telecom marketing. She offers more value and less hassle in tech PR and marketing.

Specialties include building brands by strengthening positioning, communications strategies, websites, content, social media strategies and media and analyst outreach.





I specialize in wireless and mobile tech PR, B2B technology PR and telecom marketing. Services and know-how include:

Why Jill

My mantra? More value, less hassle.

Too often, clients pay for senior-level service and experience only to find their account staffed by junior-level pros. That’s no good.

Or, bureaucracy prevents PR pros from moving as strategically, aggressively and efficiently as a client needs. That’s no good either.

With 15+ years of experience in mobile tech and telecoms, I can navigate the space quickly and efficiently, giving you a better ROI.

I find ways to offer more value – from communications strategy to technical web structure – far beyond just media pitching – and can do so without a command chain.

I talk tech. As a long-time mobile tech PR specialist, I can easily understand tech terms and can communicate the complex in simple terms.

I bring new insight and perspective to your organization, and I’m highly flexible, offering more support when needed or less support during slower periods.

Think we could be a good fit? Let’s chat! If I’m not a fit, I’ll help you find someone who is.